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Skiin Hydrafacials

Our Hydrafacial can be completed in as little as 30 minutes and is a great introduction treatment. It provides lasting results by improving your skin’s health. Hydrafacials have 3 steps. The treatment is designed to refresh and rejuvenate the entire face by improving its health and appearance. Hydrafacials along with our other skincare treatments are soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately refreshing.

Hydrafacial service in Waukesha

Hydrafacials From Skin Health Professionals

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that can be given in as little as 30 minutes. It delivers long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation. The HydraFacial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective.

Is HydraFacial right for you?

Yep. We don’t have a type. HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs.

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Service Pricing


Add 1 perk to any = $40; Add 2 perks to any = $65

Hydrasignature $179
45 minutes. NO lymph, lights or boosters
6 Sessions $895 (1 free)
12 Sessions $1790 (2 free)
with CTGF. 1 hour
6 Sessions $1395 (1 free)
12 Sessions $2790 (2 free)
with Britenol. 1 hour
6 Sessions $1195 (1 free)
12 Sessions $2390 (2 free)
with dermabuilder. 1 hour
6 Sessions $1195 (1 free)
12 Sessions $2390 (2 free)
Platinum Hydrafacial $325
Lymph to lights. Includes booster
6 Sessions $1625 (1 free)
12 Sessions $3250 (2 free)

Hydrafacials FAQ

Why is HydraFacial good for my skin?

Hydration is the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. Irritation of the skin has been proven to increase signs of aging. HydraFacial is a hydrating and non-irritating treatment.

How long does the treatment take? Is there any downtime or pain involved?

Our goal is to help support you in a balanced lifestyle. That’s why HydraFacial is a fast, efficient treatment that takes as little as 30 minutes. You may put on makeup and return to your normal activities right after the treatment since there is no downtime.

Who is a candidate for HydraFacial MD?

Hydrafacial is great for all skin types and tones. Using a Vortex –Fusionsystem, HydrafacialMD has a multiple step approach and customization for each guest. Cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, infusing and hydrating will improve the texture, tone and quality of your skin. Serums delivered will provide a glow that will keep your friends asking. AMPLIFY your treatment with an eye or lip perk treatment, take your perk home to enjoy continued results.

How does HydraFacial MD work?

Using a specially designed Vortex-Fusion® system, HydraFacial® MD accomplishes multiple steps in one treatment session. We begin by cleaning debris off the surface of the skin. With the Vortex-Fusion system it also extracts material that have collected in pores while simultaneously hydrating to return moisture to areas where dryness has caused fine lines and wrinkles to form. It also infuses the skin with a carefully chosen serum that replenishes vital elements crucial to maintaining a youthful look.

What does a HydraFacial MC Feel like?

Hydrafacial MD is very relaxing, there is no pain involved with any of our HydrafacialMD treatments. You will leave with nourished glowing skin.

How many HydraFacial MC treatments are necessary to get results?

While a single session can make a big difference in your skins health and appearance, it is always recommended in a series for more improvement, especially when we are seeking clarity when addressing pigment, aging or oil and breakouts associated with more problematic skin. Any HydrafacialMD treatments are safe to receive weekly. Most guests will do 1 -2 treatments per month.

Why choose Skiin?

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