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Skiin Vitamintelligence Infusion Drips

IV drip infusions are a safe and effective way to boost the immune system, rehydrate, increase energy and promote healthy blood flow. Skiin drip therapy delivers nutrients to your body through its circulatory system for maximum absorption. Nourish your body from the inside to feel as good as you look.

Program Pricing

for IV Vitamin Therapy

Skiin specialists will guide you to the solutions in line with your health goals. Wellness infusion programs are customizable for each client, with attention to both preventative and restorative measures. Regular infusions help achieve and maintain nutritional balance. Each vitamin therapy drip is specifically formulated for optimal results.


Ascorbic acid and Glutathione reduce the effects of free radical damage.


Zinc and ascorbic acid build the immune system and help fight off viruses.


B vitamins, electrolytes and amino acidsimprove blood flow, energy & hydration.


Glutathione aids in cardiovascular healthand inflammation.


Replenish fluids and electrolytes lost due to dehydration and alcohol consumption.

Drip Facts

Are drip wellness infusions safe?

Yes, our infusions are very safe. These same ingredients are used in hospitals all over the world. There is always a slight risk of allergic reaction, and that is rare. A consent form is filled out prior to your drip, and our nurses will screen you carefully.

What are the drip wellness infusions made of?

The drip wellness infusions are no different than the IVs you would find at your local hospital. We use the same hospital grade ingredients and equipment with all our infusions.

Should I get a drip wellness infusion treatment after partying or stress?

Absolutely. The vitamins and minerals in our IVs will help you with cellular rejuvenation and recovery. Whether you are feeling under the weather, fatigued from overexertion, or depleted from a night of partying.

Are there any potential reactions to receiving a drip wellness infusion while on other medications?

There are few medications that interact with the drip wellness therapy. We conduct a comprehensive history in order to make sure none of our patients are on medications which could have a potentially negative interaction.

Can drip wellness infusions cause bruising?

Bruises or hematomas happen when the IV punctures the vein and blood collects under the skin. Although not common, it is occasionally seen after the IV process. These effects usually recover, without complication, over time (within a few hours to days).

Is this process painful?

Everyone tolerates pain differently. While some people find needles to be relatively painless, others will find this process painful. We will do everything to make you the most comfortable through your drip wellness experience.

Is there a certain number of drip wellness infusions that I have to do for them to be effective?

Hydration levels along with nutritional demands may determine the effects of your drip wellness infusion. When you receive regular drip wellness infusions, your body will start to maintain and restore optimum balance.

How often can I get a drip?

Most of our drip wellness infusions contain nothing that the body can overdose on. If you are healthy, drips could safely be used on a daily basis. Most frequently is a bi-weekly program. Your wellness infusion program is customized for you.

Can I expect any side effects during the drip infusion process?

No major side effects are usually ever seen. Sometimes people report cooling of their arm or a metallic taste in their mouth. These are normal occurrences.

How long does it take for a drip?

In most cases 30 – 45 minutes from start to finish.

Who can get a drip wellness infusion?

Almost anyone, they are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding patients, but we do prefer your approval from your obstetrician.

What is in the drip infusion?

The fluid itself is saline, as normally used in a hospital environment, along with the specific nutrients for your chosen drip.

Do you do private parties?

Absolutely, contact our concierge department at 262-657-5446, and we will be happy to customize a party for you in the luxury of one of our own suites.

Why choose Skiin?

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