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How to Prep Your Skin for Winter

Weather in the Midwest can be a harsh reality, especially for your skin. Nothing is worse than having to deal with dry, chapped skin when winter sets in. Making sure to pay extra attention will keep you protected and hydrated through the cold months. Prep your skin for winter with these easy tips.

Boost your Moisturizer

When the weather turns icy, your everyday moisturizer might not be enough to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Consider using a heavier cream or mask on a regular basis to boost your skin’s hydration. This added moisture can be the difference between healthy-looking skin and tight, dull-looking skin.


In the colder months of the year, your skin can build up layers of dead skin cells that contribute to its dryness and roughness. Using an exfoliator once a week will keep your skin smooth and free from dry patches. Try your hand at a DIY exfoliator with ingredients you probably have lying around your house in order to prep your skin for winter.


A key to surviving the winter season is protecting yourself from its unpredictable conditions. Firstly, continue to use sunscreen year-round because the sun can still cause damage in the cloudy winter months like it can in the middle of summer. Wearing gloves and a scarf also gives you a layer of protection from the wind and cold air that damage your skin. Also, monitor your skin’s exposure to the air during the coldest points of the Winter season to prevent skin damage.

Take Shorter Showers

Long, scalding showers actually dry out your skin just as much as the cold, dry air. Watch the length and temperature of your showers in the winter to make sure you are not counteracting your efforts. You should also use a body lotion or cream after every shower to prevent the overall dryness of your body’s skin.

Consider Professionals

Winter in the Midwest can last a good part of the year so it’s vital to keep your skin a priority. The key to healthy-looking skin is being proactive. Don’t wait until the temperature has dropped below freezing to change up your routine or else you might fall victim to the harsh winter weather. When shorter showers and boosting your moisturizer aren’t enough, look to the professionals at Skiin. The team at Skiin has over 100 years of combined experience in a variety of advanced medical, preventative and restorative skincare programs to get you through the winter months looking your best. 

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