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5 Great Reasons to Try IV Vitamin Therapy

Have you seen the Kardashians or Queen Chrissy using IV drip therapy in their snaps or via pop-culture reports? Did you assume IV vitamins were beyond your reach? Well, they’re not.

Not only is this type of healing not just for millionaires, but we also offer it right here in our office!

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Many people (and even those afraid of needles) come back again and again for our IV vitamin therapy. Here’s why:

1. It’s Easily Absorbed

Even if you take daily vitamins and supplements, pills don’t absorb fully in the stomach. That supplement you’re taking may get half absorbed, but the rest your body often just releases without actually absorbing.

IV vitamin therapy goes straight into your blood. It doesn’t need to have stomach acid break it down, then travel through the small intestines. It goes into your bloodstream and the blood cells take it right where the nutrients need to go.

2. It Hydrates

According to the Medical Daily website, 75% percent of Americans don’t get enough water per day.

Vitamin IV therapy has a saline solution in it, the type of water your body is made up of. That means you don’t have to worry about guzzling those eight to ten glasses a day when you can have it delivered via IV.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t drink water, but an IV can help you catch up if you’ve fallen behind.

3. It Gives You Energy

Behind dehydrated is a big reason why you feel like your coffee isn’t working. If you’re not drinking enough water, the caffeine dries out your system instead of perking you up. Making sure you’re hydrated enough will give your coffee back its kick!

Your IV drip nurse can also add a special boost of vitamins and minerals to your IV, like vitamin B.

Getting IV vitamins is like delivering your hard-working cells their own, natural type of coffee.

4. It’s Great for Athletes

If you work out and sweat a lot, you need more water per day than other people. Low hydration levels after your workout can cause fatigue and muscle pain.

Instead of buying some chemical-filled post-workout shake, deliver your body natural chemicals it’s already made of. You can get a personalized post-workout IV drip to fit your body’s needs.

Getting these essential vitamins and minerals replenished helps your muscles build back stronger. Who doesn’t want that?

5. It’s Relaxing

In this world, it’s hard to find a time to sit still. Getting an IV drip in our relaxing environment gives you a good excuse to do so. Tell coworkers or clients you have a medical appointment and don’t answer your phone—just sit back and enjoy the good vibes.

Some clients like to get things out of the way while the IV preps and goes in, so they can relax while they absorb their vitamins.

Relaxation and resources your body isn’t getting? You’ll love how your body thanks you!

Why Get IV Vitamin Therapy at skiin

skiin anti-aging lounge is a full-service medical spa with a board-certified plastic surgeon at the head. Our doctor won’t let us offer any services unless he signs off on their safety.

Thanks to this, our IV vitamin therapy drip ingredients are top of the line. And our membership program is highly rated too, so you can get more bang for your buck.

Contact us to learn more about our membership program or to schedule a vitamin drip online today.

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