There are certain anatomical landmarks that characterize normal genitalia, but there is no definition of what a normal appearance is. The vulva can come in a variety of colors or hair patterns and labia of different sizes. Women can be unhappy with the size and/or appearance of their labia, or vaginal lips – from chubby labia majora to a prominent clitoral hood to a large vaginal opening — all of which are typical variances – that may be due to genetics, child birth, or hormonal changes. This can lead to insecurity, embarrassment with a sexual partner, discomfort in tight pants, underwear or swim wear. Large labia can also cause hygienic problems. Labia reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, or labiaplasty is a common cosmetic procedure to change the appearance to decrease the size and achieve more aesthetically pleasing labia.

The most frequent concern is that the labia minora are too long, which often leads to the most common of vaginal plastic surgeries: the labiaplasty. In terms of size of the labia minora, there’s a wide range in what’s normal. But, what’s average is four centimeters or less from base to tip. And, just as a lot of women have one breast that’s bigger than the other, there will often be one labia that’s a little longer.

There are many reasons for considering Labia Reduction or Vaginal Rejuvination, including but not limited to:

Large labia that protrude from the body
Labia with a darker color that can look more aged
Asymmetrical labia
Labia that can cause discomfort wearing tight underwear or clothing.
General Procedure

There are many variations to labia reduction or labiaplasty. Generally, the excess labia are excised and dissolvable stiches are used to create smaller, more youthful appearing labia. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia based on a patient’s desires. Dr. Colque treats every patient individually based on their unique goals. The procedure for a labiaplasty takes, on average, 1 hour.

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